2 pairs of  victorian double doors

2 pairs of victorian double doors

A good set of double doors from a Victorian property in Bolton, Lancashire. To be sold separately or togather. The outer pair are 6 panel doors in good condition with no rot.They come with their frame ( which will need a couple of pieces letting in at the base where the frame was scribed around stone.The pieces won't need any moulding )In inches the doors measure 57.5 wide by 86.25 high by 1 and 7/8 thick.The frame is 62.5 wide by 89 high.There is a picture of these doors from the inside here.To see the outside please look at my york stone step advert or email me. The inner pair of doors are from a vestibule and measure 48 wide by 86.75 high by 2 thick and are in good condition and have no rot. They have a very large beehive doorknob to one side. Please email me for more pictures. I may be able to deliver or arrange transport.


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