rare fat cast iron radiators

rare fat cast iron radiators

This pair sold but a set of 6 radiators in this style available but at 30/32 inches high. A set of hard to find squat or deep radiators of approx 80 years old. There is a pair of lower ones from a Victorian house in Southport. These are 26.5"/675mm high by 36.25"/920mm wide(12 sections) by 11"/280mm deep. And a set of six from a church in Wigan 32.5"/830mm high by 24"/610mm wide (8 sections) by 11"/280mm deep.(see pic with gold coloured radiators) The set can be split.If you need others of a similar style and age but in different and slimmer sizes i have a quantity available.Please see my other radiators advertised or get in touch and i will do my best to advise. My radiators can be sold as is or be refurbished to your requirements and sent anywhere in the uk.


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