Antique Bronze Bankers Desk Lamp

Antique Bronze Bankers Desk Lamp

A handsome antique cast bronze/brass bankers / desk / table lamp of very good quality. English Edwardian. Complete.No missing bits. No damage. All the parts are cast brass/bronze including the base (which also has an inner cast iron weight) with a lovely gunmetal / dark nickel plating. With original working heavy duty switch which gives a good solid satisfying "clunk" when switching and and off. It has been taken apart, cleaned and given a light polish. The adjustable trough shade retains its original paint on the inside. Rewired with 3 meters (exposed) dark brown fabric flex, and a hard plastic "traditional" plug. Original lampholder retained. Dimensions in inches/cms; 18.25"/46cms tall Base is 6"/15cms in diameter Trough shade is 9"/23cms wide (max width including fittings is 10"25cms) Approx 2.75kg . For more and higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website.


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