Antique Cast Iron Troughs on Stands - Pair

Antique Cast Iron Troughs on Stands - Pair

A pair of unusual and rare antique cast iron troughs / planters on X framed stands. I'm not sure what these were originally intended for, they may have been for some form of industrial or food process. The stands are original. There is no damage,losses or "thin" parts. They are very study and solid with heavy, thick bases. The bases of the troughs deepen in depth towards a central drain which has a boss underneath ( from 3.25"/8.25cms at the angled edges to a maximum 4.75"/12cms in the middle). English, 19th century. Dimensions in inches; 35.25"/89.5cms wide by 23.5"/59.5cms deep (at the top) Height is 18.25"/46.5cms. Width at leg base is 27.5"/70cms x 17"/43cms deep. For more / higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website.


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