Large Diabolo Spun Lights

Large Diabolo Spun Lights

A set of mid century large spun steel diabolo / conical shaped lights in original paint. From a church hall. 6 available, priced individually. These are in excellent condition (only very minor localised paint loss) having been taken apart and all components thoroughly cleaned and waxed (micro-crystalline clear wax). The "end balls" protectecting the inside of the shade from the arms of the inner concentric circled diffuser have been changed as the originals were perished) They have been converted from ceiling mount to hanging (with a chain) as i think they are more adaptable that way but they could be converted back or hang from a conduit steel stem (of any custom length). New brass screw in lampholders (ES, British made) have been fitted so a large sized globe bulb fits in the perfect position within the light. They are super quality fittings that can be dismantled easily by hand as they use large knurled brass nuts to hold the main parts together. Supplied with 1 meter "jack" chain (as shown in photos), 1.5 meters fabric flex ( grey shown but other suitable colours available) and a hooked ceiling rose ( in galvanised steel or heavy malleable iron fittings). Longer lengths of chain and flex can also be supplied to order. Dimensions in inches/cms; 16.5"/42cm max height (not including slight hook protrusion at top). 21"/53.5cm max diameter (6.5"/16.5cm min diameter at top. 5"/12.5 cm minimum diameter). For more / higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website. ** THESE SOLD, 4 MORE AWAITING RESTORATION**


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