Nouveau Grotto Cast Iron Radiators

Nouveau Grotto Cast Iron Radiators

An unusual near pair of decorative "Grotto" antique cast iron radiators with great freestyle nouveau floral decoration on the upper columns and a fishy feel ("fishscale" decoration) to the lower parts and legs. Not many of these about. These two are the same model with one being 2 sections narrower than the other (same height) and one having a different plug (more in keeping with the design). Priced individually (including flushing/cleaning out, the bushes(inlets and outlet connectors) fitted and ready for modern pipework/valves and pressure tested). They can be refurbished to the customers choice of colour / finish etc at an additional cost. Dimensions in inches/cm; 32.25"/82 cm tall - both radiators. 31.5"/80cm wide at top (12 sections)- second radiator is approx. 26"/67cm wide (10 sections). 7.5"/19cm depth of "body" (9.5"/23.5cm max depth at feet/floor level). I have many other radiators in stock. If you need a quantity please get in touch as i will probably be able to tailor a set to your project from the large stock i keep. For more / higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website


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