Cast Iron Church Grills

Cast Iron Church Grills

A set of 17 antique 19th century cast iron church grills/grates. Pierced decorative grills with interlocking circles bordered by diamonds. 17 pieces; 14 perfect ones 91.5cm wide and 3 with cutouts each with a minimum useable length of 61cm. Most of the dirt and dust build up has been removed. They could easily be burnished / polished to varying degress or painted or used as is. Priced individually. £85 each for the perfect ones. £55 each for the shorter ones. Discount when buying the lot. Dimensions in inches/cm; 36"/91.5cm x 9"/23cm x approx .5"/1.25cm thick. 14 at this size. The three other "cut out" pieces have clear useable lengths of 61, 66 and 72cm. For more / higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website.


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