Antique Silvered Shades

Antique Silvered Shades

A run of antique silvered or mirrored dished / saucer shades with honeycomb indents to the glass for improved light reflection. The outer surface of the glass shades was silvered, then copper plated and then painted black (original paint). In excellent condition. The original nickel plated spring clip galleries have been retained and used with quality patinated brass Edison screw lampholders enabling the bulb to be positioned perfectly within the shade for best reflection and light (rather than the bulb hanging too low). The height of the bulb can also be adjusted somewhat. The lights are supplied with all the fittings shown including matching patinated brass ceiling plates and cordgrips and 1 meter fabric flex. The photos show three fittings with 1.25m rose pink flex. Dimensions in inches/cm; 8.5"/21.5cm diameter. Approx 5"/12.5cm tall. 16 available. Priced individually. Please note there is a similar set available with shallower "saucer" shades with red "STRAND" labels on. For more / higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website

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