Amronlite Bankers / Desk Lamp

Amronlite Bankers / Desk Lamp

An antique bankers / desk lamp with original glass trough shade made by Amronlite (partial labels). US c1920s. Adjustable curved brass stem and brass base (also cast iron weighted). Shade also adjusts up and down and side to side. Faded finish with signs of original gilt finish. Rewired with 2.5meers "havana gold" fabric flex, new safety-switched lampholder and a hard plastic traditional plug. New fabric to the base. Dimensions in inches/cms; 15.5"/40cm max height (shade upright). Typical working height is 14"/35.5cm. Trough shade is 9.875"/25cm wide and is in very good condition. Base diameter is 7.125"/18.25cm. Weight is approx. 4.3kg. For more / higher res images please see my blog which can be accessed through the news section of this (haes) website.


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