dalles de verre stained glass windows

dalles de verre stained glass windows

A large pair of "dalles de verre" stained glass windows. Each window is built up with 11 frames of glass.Each frame is made up of a mosaic of inch thick pieces of stained glass set in epoxy resin.The glass pieces are chipped on one side around the edges - this makes the glass highly refractive and very bright.I also have the sub frames (glazed on one side)which are made up in sections from aluminium.There is space between the outer glazing and stained glass to mount some lights which may be usefull if the windows were going to be used soley fo decoration-ie.mounted on a wall. Size is 129" max height by 63" wide. There is no damage. I have very good photos of these pieces (up to 5 megapixels) I am happy to email further pics.


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